Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two Days In Tampa

In need of a break from the monotony of island living adjacent to the beach, my bride and I decided to visit our former home city, Tampa.

We booked a room at the old Holiday Inn, the Barrymore, a tad up river from downtown. The hotel was cheaper than those closer to the heart of downtown Tampa. The room was adequate and we had our usual roof-top view. The hotel dining venue, the Waterworks Bar and Grill, offered food and adult beverages. The Belle and I enjoyed breakfast both mornings of our visit primarily because of our server, Linda. She is a joy!

Though both my bride and I had worked in downtown Tampa for 25 or so years, we had never experienced the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk was therefore a priority ... after food and adult beverages. Food and drink will be discussed later, as in: when I get around to it. (Anise and Edison)

Here is our walk along the river.

Update 8/3/2017: I forgot about this photo ... a black and white painting on the Riverwalk.

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