Thursday, June 29, 2017

Your Piglet Parade Daily Fruiting

All sorts of nutritional sources say that we Americanos need to be eating more fruits. The Piglet Parade heartily agrees. With that thought in mind the Belle of the Boulevard and myself have been trying to keep ourselves well fruited. A lot of our fruit buying has been occurring at the MD Oriental Market on 49th in Pinellas Park.

We have fruited ourselves with jackfruit and dragon fruit over the last several weeks. Both of these fruits are loaded with nutrients that are good for every part of our bodies. The first try with dragon fruit netted the white pulp variety which was good and very refreshing. On our last trip to the MD we picked up some more of the white, but we discovered there is a red variety. We brought home some of both.

This morning I cut into the red. Let me say right up front that red is a key color here. The skin or peel was the same as the white as were the cute little seeds, but the pulp was very red and maybe a little less sweet than the white. The red nutrients were compounded. If my bride and I were any healthier from these fruits we would probably just poop with joy.

Speaking about pooping: what no other web site dealing with these red dragon fruits have addressed (for obvious reasons, I suppose) is the after-consumption effects. I am not suggesting anything painful or unpleasant ... maybe a little surprising. With the addition of  many shots of creme de menthe your after consumption BM would probably be real Christmassie colorful.

That's as far as I am going with this. From here forward, let your imagination fill in any blanks ... or, give it a try. The fruit is really good, though.

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