Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Portuguese Pleasures On Central

The fab four of fine dining girded loins this Sunday past and ventured off to downtown St. Pete for a gastronomic adventure rivaling exploits of yore.

I seriously doubt that sentence will be remembered as one of the great opening lines in literature but the Piglet Parade and friends did have a memorable experience at the Iberian Rooster on Central, the avenue of culinary delights.

Iberian Rooster bills itself as a purveyor of colonial Portuguese fusion; featuring plates both small and large that are designed to be shared amongst friends whilst imbibing creative liquid refreshments.

Wine, beer and cocktails were prepared and delivered by Leigh, the high priestess of the bar. Two potions of note were the Hemingway's Demise and the signature cocktail, The Gandy.
Maybe it was from a few sips of good cheer, but I was amused by the coasters and the drink menu descriptions.

Once properly mellowed, we four moved on to the comestibles which were passed around the table for all to get a taste. We each requested a couple of small plates that provided more than enough food to go around. Our ebullient server, Kat, asked if we would prefer all dishes presented as they were completed or spaced out. We chose "as completed". In retrospect, I would suggest spacing the dishes so that each could be enjoyed at a leisurely pace while still at the fresh-from-the-kitchen temperature.

These seven dishes are presented in no particular order. The eighth dish was another pork belly. I decided that one picture would be sufficient.

Pinxtos - small snacks of crostini topped with shrimp, linguiça, chimichurri. Three other choices are available.
Potato Chops - Fried potato cakes stuffed with minced meat and green peas.
Goan Patties - Sweet and savory baked stuffed puffed pastry, sweet mango chutney, balsamic glace. Choice of beef or potato and cauliflower.
Duck Fat Pork Belly - Duck fat braised pork belly, shoestring potatoes, port pan sauce, chorizo palm oil.
A hot dog? You've got to be kidding! Then I took a bite. Heavens to Murgatroid! That was no ordinary hot dog; that was a Hotchee Dog, and my favorite small plate - Beef frank, shredded cheddar, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, beef chili, chopped onions, shoestring potatoes, sunny side egg, house hoagie roll. I'd go back for this one plate alone.
Portuguese Meatballs - Ground beef, chorizo, port gravy, pickled okra.
Photo courtesy of Jim Parker
Paprika Grilled Octopus - Arugula, pickled okra and onions, squid ink, beet balsamic reduction.

Speaking strictly for me, the Iberian Rooster was a most pleasing dining adventure. Upon exiting nary was heard a discouraging word, and the skies were not cloudy all day (Home on the Range - public domain).

Food and beverage for four came to a pleasing $160.

Iberian Rooster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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  1. I love the culinary adventures of the fabulous foodie four.