Thursday, March 2, 2017

US v Canada

I am going to share with you, dear readers, two photo images. The first comes to us from our neighbor to the north, Canada.

This image is that of the cute tushie of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. This image has caused quite the twitter amongst many women ... and maybe some men folk ... around the world.

Back here in the used-to-be-good-ole USA, we are stuck with this ass.


  1. Trust me, many Canadians think JT is nothing but a dumbass! He has no qualifications to run our country other than his last name. Please don't hold him as some sort of shining star. He isn't!

    1. Hi Anon - All I was doing was pointing out that JT has, according to several women I know, a truly nice butt.

      BUT, compared with the douche bag we are stuck with JT does appear to be a shining star.