Saturday, February 18, 2017

The "So-called Billionare" Spawn Of Satan

Imagine if you will a so-called billionaire, the spawn of Satan, sitting in the oval office of the White House. Now, imagine you the American taxpayer footing the travel and security bill for this orange pile of dung and his unholy hatchlings.*

Having a hard time imagining all that? Well, stop imagining and start accepting reality. You are already footing the $10,000,000 (so far) bill for Trump and crew on their weekend vacations to Florida.

You are also footing the security bill for business trips his sons are taking to Dubai and other locales. Our U.S. Secret Service is providing protection for these two as they go about their business of making money for Daddy, and they are doing this on our dime. For their own safety, if the poop hits the fan I hope our security people take a coffee break until the smoke has cleared. These Trump weenies can pay for their own security.

Of course the Republican Administration is taking a hard look ... the other way. This despicable Republican Administration is having nothing to do with any of the myriad of Trump missteps and illegal activities. Why? Simply because this administration needs to destroy the Affordable Care Act and push their tax reform agenda through this year or they may not be able to get it done at all.

Obviously the Republican agenda is way more important than the welfare of America. This Republican Administration would rather see the country fail than doing what is right. We have seen this before when the Tea-bagger Republicans did their best to totally shut down the government just to prove a point. And don't forget Trump's chief strategist, Breitbart Bannon, who would like to see our Republic whither and die.

As a nation, we must continue standing up to these tyrants and at the mid-term we must vote as many Republicans out of office as possible. A single party system, whether Republican or Democrat, is not a good idea. A single party government is a dictatorship, and that appears to be the goal of this Republican Administration.

*Tampa Bay Times


  1. Preaching to the choir. I'm disturbed to the point of alienating most of my family. I don't care. Silence is consent. My daddy was a POW. My husband WH honor guard for Coast Guard. None of this should be the new normal. #RESIST

    1. I am on your side Tina. We can't be silent or else we will find ourselves living in a repressive society. This is not the country I served while in the military and I strongly doubt that your husband would be happy with what we are becoming.