Saturday, February 18, 2017

The "So-called Billionare" Spawn Of Satan

Imagine if you will a so-called billionaire, the spawn of Satan, sitting in the oval office of the White House. Now, imagine you the American taxpayer footing the travel and security bill for this orange pile of dung and his unholy hatchlings.*

Having a hard time imagining all that? Well, stop imagining and start accepting reality. You are already footing the $10,000,000 (so far) bill for Trump and crew on their weekend vacations to Florida.

You are also footing the security bill for business trips his sons are taking to Dubai and other locales. Our U.S. Secret Service is providing protection for these two as they go about their business of making money for Daddy, and they are doing this on our dime. For their own safety, if the poop hits the fan I hope our security people take a coffee break until the smoke has cleared. These Trump weenies can pay for their own security.

Of course the Republican Administration is taking a hard look ... the other way. This despicable Republican Administration is having nothing to do with any of the myriad of Trump missteps and illegal activities. Why? Simply because this administration needs to destroy the Affordable Care Act and push their tax reform agenda through this year or they may not be able to get it done at all.

Obviously the Republican agenda is way more important than the welfare of America. This Republican Administration would rather see the country fail than doing what is right. We have seen this before when the Tea-bagger Republicans did their best to totally shut down the government just to prove a point. And don't forget Trump's chief strategist, Breitbart Bannon, who would like to see our Republic whither and die.

As a nation, we must continue standing up to these tyrants and at the mid-term we must vote as many Republicans out of office as possible. A single party system, whether Republican or Democrat, is not a good idea. A single party government is a dictatorship, and that appears to be the goal of this Republican Administration.

*Tampa Bay Times

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's That Smell?

Something stinks in the nations Capitol and it isn't just the swamp that Trump turned in to a cesspool. Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, called Mr. Trump’s attacks on the judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening.” So, what stinks, you should ask? 

Ever since assuming the golden throne in the White House, the Twit-in-Chief has gone on a twitter attack against everyone who has had the unmitigated gall to question any Trump Turds that have been excreted by the psycho in the oval office. But here is a Trump nominee who has questioned the thinking of the Great Orange One. So where are the tweets? Could it be that Trump and Gorsuch are gaming the system? 

Imagine that Trump suggests to Gorsuch that he challenge a Trump decision to create the illusion that Gorsuch will be his own man and not kiss the Trump rump when confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court thereby assuring bipartisan support.

You could chalk this suggestion up to a conspiracy theory on my part or, like me, you could attribute this scenario to the lying, immoral, unethical scum that has infested our nation's Capitol.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stop Feeding The Beast

Trump, the dictator, has banned his surrogates, i.e., lickspittles from appearing on any network that refuses to promote his fascist agenda. CNN is the first victim of this extremely questionable policy. Rather than sitting back wringing their hands in despair, the networks and print media must make this policy work in their favor.

Even to the most casual observer it would appear that Trump has some sort of mental issue. Some in the medical profession have suggested that he might be suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration.

I would suggest that the media, both print and broadcast, should put that theory to the test. Reject all of his surrogates, and boycott any Trump press conference. Keep this whiny, petulant little man-child out of the news. Report national and world events from sources other than the White House.

Trump feeds on adulation, so stop feeding this beast and see if he implodes. Now that would be a news story of great interest.