Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sieg Heil, An Inaugural Invitee

Treacherous Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, met with the leader of Austria’s “Freedom Party” Heinz-Christian Strache back in December. The Freedom party has a long history of being aligned with Nazis. The Trump team wanted to keep the meeting quiet, but Strache was so proud of the meeting which took place at Trump Tower in Manhattan that he posted all about it on Facebook.

Now to add a dab of frosting to this tainted Trump cake Strache received an official invitation to Trump’s inauguration. He confirmed this via a Facebook post (click See More for a translation):

Apparently Strache was invited by none other than Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who is surely one of the worst Congressmen to ever sit in the House of Representatives. I have to ask "Why?" This gut-wrenching behavior should make any American with a semblance of patriotism sick, or maybe  we should embrace der neue Trumpf Amerika before "they" come to take us away.

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