Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our Plan To Survive TreacherousTrump

The unimaginable is about to happen. The United States of America is getting ready to hand the keys to the oval office and this country's nuclear arms to a deranged man-child. There is no way we will ever support this piece of moral decay that will be running this county ... probably, into the ground. We will never give him the satisfaction of referring to him as President.

We have decided that there is little we can do to right the wrong perpetrated by the gullible and downright stupid people in this country until the mid-terms. Hopefully by then there will be a great awakening among the duped who will vote the Republican obstructionists out of office.

In the meantime our plan is to keep righteous and hopeful thoughts that Treacherous Trump and his bought-and-paid-for cabinet do not destroy the economy that President Obama has worked so hard pulling out of the mire created by the last Republican president and administration, and that we don't get annihilated in a Treacherous Trump provoked nuclear war.

To end on a brighter note: If North Korea, China, or Russia bomb us into oblivion we won't have to worry about the economy ... or health care, Medicare, or Social Security.

Happy thoughts and buen provecho, y'all!

Note: The opinions and thoughts expressed here are solely those of the editor and staff of the Piglet Parade.


  1. I will never refer to him as president. He is frightening and not worthy any respect.

    1. Thanks, Tina. That makes two of us. Too bad the rest of the nation doesn't agree. Are we the only two sane people left in this once great country?