Thursday, November 3, 2016

We Have Staked Out A Spot At E & E

Wednesday was another date night with my bride, the Belle of Gulf Boulevard. It was also half price wine Wednesday at the E & E Stakeout Grill. We did date night at the E & E last Wednesday and enjoyed it so much we had to go back.

This time we made reservations a day ahead so we got the time we wanted. At the hostess station we requested the services of Keleigh, our spectacular server last time. The hostess seated us at a little cramped booth and when Keleigh arrived with menus she indicated that this seating arrangement just wouldn't do, so she got us a roomier circular booth with more table space and elbow room.

The E & E specials apparently change frequently so the octopus and pork belly appetizer I had last week would not be happening this week. In its place were Blue Point oysters on the half shell. I am always hesitant to order raw oysters in the Tampa Bay area since so few establishments have a clue as to how oysters should be shucked and presented. Keleigh assured me that I would be pleased with my dozen. She was right, I was very pleased. The E & E shucker had his shucking down to a shucking science.

For her entree, the Belle had the 10 ounce Prime Rib that was cooked to perfection including tossing it on the grill for a moment to give that succulent piece of heavenly beef a little char.

I was a teensy bit hesitant to order the venison special since the thought of chowing down on Bambi didn't seem like a Disney thing to do. I cowboyed myself up and did it anyway and heavens to Murgatroid  was Bamb ... er, those Venison Chops ever good. They were tender, juicy, and had none of the gaminess I have been led to believe existed in wild creatures.

The crispy potato puffs were an excellent side and the au jus was divine. A Gin Refresher before dinner and a $61 bottle of Etude Pinot Noir at half price washed away some of the guilt over that Bambi thing.

We didn't need a dessert but we had to have the decadent Raspberries and Cream.

I wasn't planning to document this dinning adventure, but thanks to my bride's cell phone camera I was able to memorialize those Bambi chops.

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