Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Idiocracy Is The New Normal

I had high hopes of waking up this morning with a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that our President elect would continue on the path of repairing the eight years of damage caused by the George W. Bush administration. Instead I awakened with the ominous sense that the purple shaft with the barbed wire cluster had been painfully applied.

With Hilary Clinton I felt confident that the sane and carefully planned agenda set out by President Obama would continue and flourish. There is a certain comfort in knowing what lies ahead or at least feeling confident that our President would guide the United States with a steady, competent hand.

What we are now faced with are four years of complete uncertainty. Trump has repeatedly stated that he intends to be totally unpredictable, leaving our nation in an unending cycle of instability. It is hard to plan your day when the future is in such a depressing state of flux.

Beyond packing his administration with the political dregs of yesterday, Trump has pledged to immediately get the Keystone pipeline debacle back on track as well as quashing U.S. involvement in the Paris climate change accord. Clean air, clean water, and a planet capable of producing food to feed all of us is trumped by the demands to put wealth and power above the welfare of planet Earth.

Several years ago I was entertained by the sci-fi movie Idiocracy where natural selection is indifferent to intelligence, so that in a society in which intelligence is consistently debased, stupid, irresponsible people easily out-breed the intelligent, creating, over the course of five centuries, an irremediably dim and sexually motivated dystopia. Demographic superiority favors those least likely to advance society. Consequently, the children of the educated élites are drowned in a sea of promiscuous, illiterate, proletarian peers.

On Friday, January 20 2017 we won't be watching the movie Idiocracy, we will begin living the movie.

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