Monday, October 10, 2016

St. Francis Wine And Food Pairing

Did I just hear an exasperated "Finally!" from the folks waiting with bated breath? And, yes it is bated, not baited breath unless you have been nibbling on the stuff you should be fishing with.

Enthusiastically I have to say that the Wine and Food Pairing presented to us at St. Francis was at the top of my list of gastronomic experiences while in California wine country. I am not going to give you a blow by blow description of the culinary delights delivered to our table that day. The menu takes care of that task for me and the pictures speak for themselves. The photos follow the order on the menu.

Click images to enlarge.

There was nary a misstep anywhere along the way of this food journey, and while the foods were described as 'small plates' I was pleasantly plump at the end of this repast. The food, the wine, the service was spectacular. This was a memorable dining experience. Our party of four had reserved space for the 1 o'clock seating on the 26th of September.

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