Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Change Of Direction - Stomp Them Grapes

The Piglet Parade began life as The Sog City Oracle because we lived in S-O-G City, a suburb of Tampa (South Of Gandy). As the editor I could write anything I chose, but I discovered that my restaurant reviews garnered the most traffic. As a consequence, I decided to focus on food and dining.

Food blogging has changed dramatically over the last several years. Intelligent, well written reviews were replaced by bought-and-paid-for bloggers and Facebook posters. Dining and reviewing on one's own dime was not only expensive, but damned frustrating when looking at the competition who seem to have never heard of a spell checker or a grammar checker.

I seriously considered deleting the Parade in its entirety, but I have over six years of posts ranging from piss-poor, to mediocre, to moderately coherent, to absolutely freakin' brilliant. As a consequence I have decided to leave the posts from the Oracle to the Parade intact but I will no longer concentrate solely on food. Instead I will write and post for my own amusement.

I know that some may be disappointed or just plain blasé and never visit this blog again in this lifetime or any other. No offense taken, but at this stage of life I no longer have the time or patience to critique every morsel that crosses my lips. Besides which, there is more to life than just food. I can't believe I just wrote that since food and drink are a few of my life's great pleasures.

A final thought (for now): When I was 15 or so in high school, a teacher asked the class to write down our philosophy on life. All I could think of was "What the heck is a philosophy?" At that age my immediate concern was getting laid and not having a hard-on when I had to go to the blackboard to write stuff. At long last, while on a recent trip to Sonoma, I discovered my philosophy - Stomp Them Grapes.

My bride did the stomping and I had an epiphanous moment as she squished her dainty toes in a tub of grape sludge. There is much wisdom to be found at the bottom of a once full wine glass, so if you want more in life you best be stompin' some grapes.

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