Friday, September 2, 2016

Stormy Weather

The hurricane missed Indian Shores, but the Shores didn't escape the effects of Hermine. This presented an excellent opportunity to take a walk on what's left of the beach and snap a few photos. This has nothing to do with food which is the thrust of the Piglet Parade, but I did work up an appetite. That should count for something. Also, you may click on the photos to enlarge ... the photos. This ain't an Anthony Weiner report, dammit!

The earlier high tide made it half way to Gulf Boulevard. I continued on toward what was left of the beach.

You can't read the sign in this photo or see what's on the sand near the base of the sign, so I got a little closer.

Those 12 by 12 inch patio bricks didn't get there by themselves and I don't think someone put them there, so I have to assume the tide was that strong. Wow! Oh yeah, about that sign ...

Rip currents? What freakin' rip current?

I can only hope the little girl survived her beach adventure with stupid. Warnings signs are posted and ignored by these tourons (tourist/moron - there is no better word for them). The next high tide was moving in quickly so I headed off to higher and drier ground.


  1. RIP currents are no joke. May I use you tourons? I love it.

    1. Of course you may use 'tourons'. I stole it from Denise.