Sunday, September 4, 2016

Agave Mexican Restaurant

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I joined friends for a Mexican dining adventure that none of us had experienced before at Agave Mexican Restaurant on Gulf Boulevard at St. Pete Beach. We parked at a side street meter and hopped, skipped, and jumped over hurricane storm puddles. Entering Agave we passed the outdoor dining area and found ourselves at the host station in a rather cramped area with tables, booths, and a full bar.

Our party of four with no reservations were offered the choice of a booth or a table. Take a word of advice: do not choose a table near the bar or someone is going to practically be butt-cheek to nose with a bar patron. Thankfully, no one was flatulent, but the close-up of a blue jean's label did not enhance the gastronomic experience we hoped would be forthcoming.

But first, "Camarara, booze, por favor" - three margaritas and a cerveza. Bar service as well as food service was prompt and efficient during our visit. I mention this since a number of reviews I have read seemed to have issues with service. We were offered chips and salsa, and enthusiastically accepted the offer.

While perusing the bill of fare I was amused by the little text boxes at the bottom of each menu page. These were Da Rules! Such as: no sharing, one check per table unless you wish to be smited, and a few other restrictions I don't remember. I also discovered that every thing, and I do mean everything, incurs a charge. You will get no free lunch (or dinner) here.

The chips and salsa ($3) is not shown, but the trio that was requested included a bland Pico de Gallo ($2), a tiny molcajete of Guacamole ($4), and a pleasantly tangy Cheese Dip ($2). Three smaller cups of salsa dips ranging from mild to mucho caliente were included. I don't object to ala carte, but I feel the cart could have been a little fuller.

After the starters, we moved on to the main dishes. My bride always seems to pick the best dishes and this night was no exception with her choice of Enchiladas de Res (Ground Beef). The menu  shows this dish with red chili sauce, but my bride wisely asked for the mole instead.

That mole was a rich, chocolate based sauce that would have tasted good on an old shoe. The mole made that enchilada. The glob of refried beans was bland, and the rice was barely room temperature.

I am rather fond of all things porcine, so the Carnitas de Puerco just had to be my choice for dinner.

The menu described this dish as roast pork marinated and slow roasted. And, that was about it: a pile of pork, bland beans, cold rice, and a little dab of guacamole.

There were several other dishes ordered by our table. The only one that stands out for me was the Quesos Fundidos with hot, melted Asadero cheese served with four hot flour tortillas and Mexican chorizo and it was cheesy good.

Tacos al Pastor

Empanadas de Picadillo
This dining experience was not the worst, but it was not the best. The food was better than Taco Bell, I bet. I have never been to a Taco Bell. Even though everything had a charge, the bill for two people came to an economical $62.06.

Agave Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. I should have saved a taco for you, Jon. The pork and pineapple loveliness of the tacos al pastor was exquisite and reminded me of similar ones I've had in Mexico City.