Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mahuffer's, An Indian Shores Treasure

The Belle of the Boulevard and I decided to take a brisk two and a half mile stroll along Gulf Boulevard to visit the birds at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. What seemed like a dandy idea back at our stately pleasure dome by the sea didn't seem so dandy on the return trip in the feels like 100 plus Fahrenheits under a blazing sun. Visions of shade and something cool and wet danced through our half baked brains.

Suddenly, there before our eyes, we spotted a possible haven from the heat. It was the heaven sent Mahuffer's where we had been led to believe we might find shade and a cold beverage. We wandered in through the dilapidated gate. There we found a gentleman setting up the outdoor bar. We asked if Mahuffer's was open and he grunted, "I'm not. Go inside, they're open." So, we did, and they were.

The inside bar area looked as if someone had blown up the teller machine inside a lingerie store next door to a bike shop. There were dollar bills everywhere - walls, ceiling and probably unmentionable areas. A lady bartender greeted us and invited us to make ourselves at home.

This charming young lady brought us much needed refreshments, a couple of beers and a glass of water. She also mentioned that around the bar and to the right was an air conditioned room. We decided to head off in that direction. As we meandered it became apparent that any earlier explosions had hit the boat yard, too ... and, TV repair shop.

Not surprising, the decor from one room to the next obviously had the same design consultant, and if those drawers on the wall next to the jukebox were his ... or hers, I wouldn't want to piss off that person.

While we were re-hydrating ourselves at the bar, a gentleman a few stools down mentioned that Mahuffers features some ragin' blues on Sundays with a rollicking crowd of bikers, beach folk, and curious out-of-towners. On this visit the only people present were the three of us and Oliver, the resident cat - who will, by the way, bite you if you try to sit in his favorite chair. We didn't try, and Olie slept through our entire visit.

To suggest that Mahuffers is a quirky bar is to state the obvious. Since this is a local joint for us, I can envision walking back some Sunday for a couple dozen cold ones and jamming to some blues. I think the more you drink, the better this place looks. I am trying to imagine something similar when we redecorate our stately pleasure dome on the beach.  We'll have to run that one past the landlord and see what he thinks.

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