Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Establish A "Healthstyle" With Summer Tomato

I was actually looking for recipes using fresh heirloom tomatoes since I discovered some heirlooms at the local mega-mart. What piqued my interest was a blog entitled Summer Tomato. Well, thought I, tomatoes are a summer crop, so let's take a peek.

While there are recipes, Summer Tomato is so much more. Darya Rose's Summer Tomato teaches the reader how to get healthy and lose weight without dieting. That, by itself, is most intriguing since friends and family have recounted their trials and tribulations over the years while engaging in one fad diet or another. Personally, I don't diet. If I see it and it looks good, I eat it. Dr. Rose (she holds a PhD) suggests a different philosophy.

Darya Rose is a neuroscientist and the blogger behind Summer Tomato. Her philosophy? Quit dieting and start cultivating healthy habits you actually enjoy. She writes about everything from ways to eat less without really noticing it to the controversy around juicing to what you need to know about willpower—all in an effort to help you establish a "healthstyle."

I decided to "follow" Summer Tomato and add it to the list of My Favorite Bloggers, partly for my own edification and the possibility that readers of the Piglet Parade might also benefit from her wisdom and expertise. 

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