Saturday, July 30, 2016

Texas Roadhouse: Three Down, 417 To Go

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I have dined at two Texas Roadhouse steak shops in the past, the one in Lima, Ohio and another at Palm Bay, Florida. Feeling the need for a juicy steak last night and not being in the mood to cook, I suggested that we try the Roadhouse over near the VA hospital. So we did!

My bride and I hopped into our buggy, asked Siri for directions, and boogied over to 10105 Bay Pines Boulevard. I know that Texas Roadhouse is a chain, but it never ceases to amaze me that every store we have been to so far looks just like the last one to which we went, or to which we have gone.  I hate ending a sentence with a preposition, so indulge me. Even the graffiti in the men's room is the same: "For a good time, call Bambi at ---." And no, twern't me what writ that there.

We wandered in a bit before five and got seated almost immediately. Any later and we would have been up to our heinies with hungry diners clamoring for an empty table, booth, or bar stool. Ashley was our pleasant and efficient server who took our drink orders. We eschewed the offer of Coke products and instead chose a house Chardonnay for my bride and a Stella draft for me.

Whilst awaiting our entrees I pondered the two buckets on our table. One was filled with roasted peanuts and the other was empty. "Wassup wid dat?" I queried my dining partner. Said she, "It's for the empty shells." Well, hot damn, it seems one can no longer just toss ones shells on the floor like in the good ole days. And that, dear readers, is the only negative I experienced during this visit.

Our entrees at Texas Roadhouse have always been consistent and good and last night was no exception. The Belle ordered the Road Kill; a chopped steak smothered in onions and jack cheese, and hold the mushrooms, please. Her Road Kill came with two sides, a loaded baked tater and buttered corn. Dee-licious!

I said I came for steak and steak is what I got - a mighty slab of bovine goodness: the 20 ounce Bone-in Ribeye, tender, juicy, packed with flavor and it didn't cost 35 to 40 dollars. Actually, it was a skosh under 25 bucks. A heck of a bargain in my opinion.

You can keep your high-end steak houses, which I have found to be somewhat inconsistent here in the Tampa Bay area. To be sure, there are some really good ones, but chains like the Texas Roadhouse and Longhorn serve some great steaks at budget conscious prices. Our total last night for several adult beverages and our entrees: $67.89 plus 20% for Ashley.

Yippee ki-yay, y'all.

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