Sunday, July 31, 2016

Let's Booze Up Those Melons

I am a fan of the Cooking Channel, both on TV and the Internet. Recently the Cooking Channel on-line had an article entitled Booze Up Your Watermelon. One of the recipes truly piqued my interest: Petite Watermelon. Click on the link to get the recipe. I don't have permission to re-post it, so you will have to do the deed yourself.

The on-line recipe called for strawberry gelatin and frozen or fresh strawberries. While at the grocery picking up supplies for this recipe I discovered that Jell-O has a watermelon gelatin, and the store has pre-cut watermelon. Well, says I to myself, since this is a watermelon recipe, why not use watermelon instead of strawberries? So that is what I did and those were the only modifications to the Cooking Channel recipe. Oh yeah, forget that "or vodka" crap. Use vodka!

I photo-documented the process. Pull up the recipe and sing along.

Skim the foam from the gelatin and eat it. It is tasty.

Scoop out the limes, fill them and stick'em in the fridge.

Halve the limes and decorate.

After filling the limes, I had about a cup of the gelatin mixture left-over and I ate it. I also got a dandy Russian Standard vodka buzz from that jello. If you have unruly kids, feed that gelatin to them. It'll calm them right down.

Nazdarovya (to your health), y'all.

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