Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spinning At Spinners

The family took a spin at Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro and Lounge to celebrate my bride's birthday. The draw was the revolving restaurant high above the teeming masses and the promise of a spectacular sunset.

We had reservations for 7:15 and when we checked in the hostess promptly guided us to our awaiting table. Spinners was packed with vacationers, so a reservation is a must. The 360 degree view was awesome. Our server, Yvette, brought menus and waters. Our table requested a couple bottles of wine from a limited but adequate wine menu. There are a number of bottles in the $35 to $60 range and if you have more dollars than sense there is a $275 bottle of the long-in-the-tooth Dom.

The table shared two appetizers. The Seafood Trio was a delight with chilled Gulf shrimp, Cajun scallops with blood orange balsamic glaze and smoked fish dip.

As good as the Trio was, the Twin Pork Shanks trotted away with the blue ribbon for porcine goodness.

Those slow roasted petite pork shanks were finished in a honey garlic glaze and served with a tomato pepper salad. The shanks were tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. That was probably the best dish of the evening.

Spinners menu features the expected hotel restaurant selections of beef, chicken, and various types of seafood that did not appear to be locally sourced (if that matters to the diner). Our table of five all chose the Queen cut Herb Roasted Prime Rib of Beef.

It seemed a little silly to take pictures of five plates that all looked pretty much the same with a tub of au jus, and sides of mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. The prime ribs were more or less cooked as requested. The flavor was good and the prime rib cap was tender and delicious. The interior was moist though blessed with a few strands of tendon.

The dinners came with a choice of soup or salad. The house looked good, but I would eschew the Caesar Salad, a bland mess of romaine chunks that could have come from a Publix salad bag.

Dinners at Spinners are a tad on the expensive side, but the diner must consider the venue with a view situated atop a beach resort hotel in the heart of a vacation paradise. I read a couple of reviews that suggested Spinners was a great place for a romantic date. That may be true if neither of you are on speaking terms. With glass all around, the noise level reaches deafening decibel levels.

One other caveat: If you intend to arrive in the afternoon to maybe watch the setting sun, bring a pair of super duper, heavy duty sunglasses. There is nothing to shield you from that blazing afternoon sun - either that or sit with your back to the windows.

My bride and I were treated to dinner so I can't account for the total cost for five people but I would suggest $300 or so would be within the realm of possibility. But, what the hell, you are on vacation.

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