Monday, May 2, 2016

Another Ho Hum Day At The Beach

After a grueling morning at the gym my bride and I decided to walk over to the beach, soak up some rays, and just chill.

While sitting on a beach bench communing with nature our reverie was interrupted by a couple of members of the indigenous population who seemed very intent on communing with us.

We chatted for a bit and then bid our new friends adieu. We explained that we didn't live right here on the beach and that we were going to our home across the street.

"No problem," they said, "We take a dip in your pool from time to time, so we will waddle over with you."

My bride, who says she is not an animal person but attracts critters regularly, suggested that this wasn't a real good idea.

"Well that settles that!" my love said to me as our new friend turned away. We continued walking toward the road. We looked back once and there they were following us on the hot sandy pathway. The only reason we don't have ducks here in our stately pleasure dome by the sea is because the sand was too hot for their little web feet and they had to squat down to lift their feet from the sand. We boogied quickly to the road and sadly left our new friends behind.

I am sure we will see them in the swimming pool in the morning.

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