Thursday, April 21, 2016

I See Q And More At Sea Q Grill

My buds of taste always quiver in excitement at the promise of most anything pulled from the sea. And ribs! I love gnawing on a moist and flavorful rack ... of ribs and such. Beef brisket is another favorite if it is not cooked to a dry tasteless cardboard box-like consistency.

Wouldn't it be the bee's knees if you could sample Poseidon's delights and some good Texas barbecue without having to flit from place to place like a bee searching for nectar? By the by, bees collect the sweet stuff on their knees which is why bee's knees are so highly prized - but I digress.

The Belle of the Boulevard and I discovered a dandy venue that does serve some excellent Maine seafood and some mouth-watering Texas style BBQ. Sea Q Grill at 1750 Clearwater Largo Road is the bee's knees. We found this treasure just before the Clearwater Largo Road suddenly changes to Ft. Harrison.

My bride and I wandered in to Sea Q in the late afternoon. There were only a few other customers which was a good thing because we had Kyle's undivided attention .. for awhile anyway. The place started filling fast as afternoon turned to evening. On this visit, Kyle was pretty much carrying the load - chief cook and bottle washer, bar tender, server and he never missed a beat. He took the time to explain the menu and the Sea Q concept, and was a most gregarious host.

Kyle kept our beer glasses filled and checked on us from time to time to ensure our happiness with the Sea Q food offerings. And those offerings? Well, I could not pass up the Smoked Mussels as an appetizer although that massive pile of mollusks could have been a complete meal for one diner.

Those mussels had a subtle smokey taste, were not raw or over cooked and had a savory, garlicky, buttery broth just made for sopping with that toasty bread.

Kyle gave me a couple of minutes to recover from my smoked mussel orgy before bringing out the main event the Texas BBQ Combo dinner. The diner can chose 2, 3, or 4 offerings. I chose the Texas BBQ Ribs smothered in a dry rub and slow smoked for over six hours, and the slow smoked Beef Brisket.

Those fall-off-the-bone ribs were so tender and juicy I almost whimpered with pleasure. The brisket was the best I have ever had, here in Florida or even in Texas. There was flavor, there was juicy melted beef fat and the meat was unbelievably tender. Those green beans on the side were enhanced with pork and a hint of citrus - so good.

My bride was in her own world of pulled pork pleasure with the Slow Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork marinated in apple cider, rubbed with spices and smoked for over 12 hours.

We both had food left, so we used the buns to create a take-home sandwich for the next day, and the next day was good.

Sea Q Grill is still getting their sea-legs having only been open for several weeks. Even still, there was nothing to complain about - especially the total cost of our food and adult beverage choices. At $59.88 we were a couple of happy campers. On our next visit I intend to hit the seafood side of the menu a little harder, although you may mix the Q and seafood if you wish.

Bar and main dining room

Outdoor seating

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