Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good Sonny's Q In Largo

In several scores of years I have managed to eschew a number of things that have never held any interest for me. One was setting foot inside any Wal-Mart. Hopefully that trend will continue. Another thing I have never done was dining at a Sonny's BBQ ... any Sonny's BBQ. One hot summer day a number of years ago I walked into one hoping for an ice cold beer and some Q. "We are a family place and we don't serve Satan's brew," I was chastised. "Holy crap!" thought I and hastily departed these holy grounds in search of a place more conducive to sinning.

That was then, but recently I have seen a bunch of Sonny's TV commercials that hawked some righteous looking BBQ. My bride said we ought to go and before I could respond she pointed out that the Sonny's at 2250 Seminole Boulevard in Largo serves beer and wine and they even have a full bar. "Well, shoot-fire," said I, "Let's boogie on over!"

We just barely beat the gettin' outta church crowd this past Sunday and we were promptly and pleasantly guided to our awaiting booth. Menus were presented and our drink orders were taken by our very efficient server, Victoria. We both chose draft beers from the BOGO bar after having contemplated a Sunday Bloody Mary. Maybe next time.

After seeing the Smoked Chicken Wings advertised on TV I knew they were a must-eat for me and they were delicious, especially coupled with the juicy and tender Baby Back Ribs.

That plate of smokey goodness came with two dandy sides, a cob of corn loaded with butter and a bowl of savory baked beans.

My dainty dining partner got a big hunka bread to grace her Pulled Pork Lunch Platter and a side of mac 'n' cheese and coleslaw.

I am a firm believer that if you don't wear some of your vittles, you probably did something wrong.

My Sonny's experience was way better than I imagined and I can envision a return trip now and again. Can't beat the prices. Several beers apiece and the good BBQ grub came to a pocket pleasing $30.56. We upped the gratuity to 30% as a reward for good service.

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