Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Happy Hour At Selene

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I had a rather large lunch the other day so when it came time to ponder dinner we decided that a large evening meal would not be in our best interests. What to do, what to do? Suddenly, up comes a flash! "How's about we find a happy hour somewhere and just have cocktails and small plates?" I suggested.

With that decision made, we hopped in our Chevy-by-the-levy and headed south on Gulf Boulevard all the way to St. Pete Beach and Selene Fresh Fare and Bar. Selene's happy hour runs from four to six and we arrived just as the happy hour doors swung open. We moseyed up to the bar and plopped our happy selves down. Taylor, the high priestess of the Selene bar, promptly presented us with food and adult beverage menus.

The cocktail menu has a number of very interesting choices, but I already knew that my buds of taste were salivating over the Garden in a Glass. Taylor suggested that I made a real good choice and this is one of her favorite cocktails consisting of St. George Botanivore Gin, house made rosemary and honey simple, with fresh lemon, lavender water, and honey powder.

Honey powder and honey simple rimmed this glass of slightly sweet, slightly tart elixir. Taylor gave me a generous pour. A few too many of these would necessitate a call to Uber.

My bride also chose wisely, a slightly sweet Sunrise Sangria with Sauvignon Blanc, Square 1 Vodka, St. Germaine Elderflower liquor, rose water, cucumber, lime, and rose buds.

Whilst tippling at the bar we struck up a conversation with fellow tipplers, one of whom was Peter, the manager at sister restaurant Skidders. We discovered that we had a mutual affection for all things Greek. Peter asked if we had ever consumed ouzo. Silly question, for one does not go to Greece without imbibing this national beverage. With that question out of the way, we were presented with two complimentary shots of ouzo.

As we raised our glasses, Nick, the gregarious owner of both Skidders and Selene, joined us in a toast.

A kiss on the cheek and a shot of ouzo - could life get any better? Stin ygeiá mas (Greek toast: here's to us), y'all.

Happy hour at Selene isn't just about the alcohol. Selene has a happy hour food menu and from that my bride and I ordered the Three Spreads with pita for $6. Out of the six spreads we chose the smoked eggplant, yellow split pea mousse, and hummus.

All three spreads were creamy and delicious, and when we started running low on pita another serving was presented.

I have rarely met an octopus I didn't like and since Selene has Grilled Octopus for a mere $7 on their happy hour menu I knew that had to be for me.

That octopus was about the best octopus I have ever eaten. It was tender, juicy, and loaded with flavor.

A return to Selene is unequivocally in our future. I am not through with the happy hour menu and the appetizer and dinner menus need to be explored at length. The outstanding staff and management of Selene along with the bright, sparkling interior simply demand a return visit - many times over.

To Nick and Peter, efcharistó.

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  1. Hi Jon
    Peter Roos here, editor of Paradise NEWS, a 20-year-old community newsmagazine, and contributor to the related website. Jessie, manager of Selene forwarded a link to your blog on them and I was quite impressed. I would love to have permission to quote from and refer to your review.
    I am sure there are others we would also be interested in sending people to. Your shots of the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum are great too.
    Peter A. Roos

    1. I sent an email confirming permission to quote from The Piglet Parade. Thanks for your interest and thanks to Jessie for the referral.