Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spam-a-licious Deep Fried Musubi

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I decided to do lunch in our stately pleasure dome by the frothy sea today. While the winds were whipping and the raindrops beat a staccato rhythm against the window panes, I donned my Sir Spam-a-lot chef's cap and began a noon time masterpiece.

I shall begin my missive by paraphrasing a Monty Python skit.

Upon entering a cafe:
Man: You sit here, dear.
Wife: All right.
Man: Morning!
Waitress: Morning!
Man: Well, what've you got?
Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam; spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam; or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.
Wife: Have you got anything without spam?
Waitress: Well, there's spam egg sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it.
Wife: I don't like spam!
Man: Sshh, dear, don't cause a fuss. I'll have your spam. I love it. I'm having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!
Waitress: Baked beans are off.
Man: Never mind, I'll just have the Spam-a-licious Deep Fried Musubi.

2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 slices Spam -- sliced 1/2" thick
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
8 tablespoons rice -- cooked ahead of time
1 sheet Japanese Nori -- cut in half
1 cup flour
1 each egg -- beaten
1 cup Japanese Panko

Pour soy sauce on a platter, then add sliced Spam.

Flip slices over a time or two in the soy sauce to thoroughly coat. Set aside and let Spam absorb the flavor.

In the meantime, heat the deep fryer to 350 F.

When fryer comes to temperature, pat the Spam slices dry and gently slide into hot oil. Fry for 2-3 minutes, then place on a paper towel to drain excess oil.

Next, sprinkle rice vinegar over cooked rice and gently mix.

Lay the two half sheets of nori out on a clean dry surface. Center the musubi rice press on the nori. The nori sheets and the rice press should be close to the same width.

Add two tablespoons of rice and gently compress, lay a Spam slice on top, then add two more tablespoons of rice and again compress. Remove the press and wrap rice and Spam with the nori sheet. Moisten the edge of the nori so that it sticks together.

At this point you could just slice, sushi style, and serve as they do in Hawaii, or you could kick it up a notch and go through the basic breading procedure: flour, egg, then panko to finish.

Deep fry at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from fryer, allow to drain on a paper towel, then slice and serve.

Serving Ideas : Serve with a soy - wasabi dipping sauce or a Japanese aioli. I used a prepared aioli.

Serving Size : 2

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