Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lunch Today At Mickey's On The Beach

My bride and I walked up to Mickey Quinn's for lunch today. Well, it was lunch for me and a snack for her. First order of bidness were a couple of ice cold brewskis. Yeah, I know it's freakin' freezing outside. A high today of 68 degrees F. If you are from Minnesota this may be balmy weather, but for us Florida folks it's f^@king cold.

The beers were good and did well in washing down my Dirty Burger, a burger so big a T-shirt should be awarded to anyone who finishes the whole thing. I mostly did, but I couldn't do the fries. I didn't get a shirt.

The Dirty Burger was a monster with a beef patty smothered under a mound of barbecued pulled pork with sauce, some bacon, and lettuce, tomato, and onion. This burger was about 4 inches high. I had to smoosh it down a bit just to be able to get a bite. It was a 6 napkin burger, but so good.

My bride's onion rings were about the best that I can remember. Just the right amount of breading that held to the thick onion rings.

Food and four brews came to a reasonable $34, tack on 20% + gratuity of $7 for a grand total of $41. Not bad, and we can, and did, walk home.

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