Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Bloody Mary Morning

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard exclaimed, "I am hungry!" It was mid-morning, so I figured she was alluding to dining out for breakfast since I rarely (read: Never) cook breakfast. Morning has never been my favorite time of the day, and it certainly is a horrid time to rattle pots and pans in the kitchen.

We fired up our Chevy-by-the-levy and headed out to ... ? "I want a Bloody Mary," said she and I agreed, so off we went to Crabby Bill's IRB since they have super good B.M.'s (of course I mean the drink, dammit). Their Royal Red Shrimp Marys are almost a meal in a glass.

My bride and I wandered in at a most civilized hour for breakfast ... 10:05:34 a.m., I think it was. As we walked in I mentioned out loud, "We don't have reservations." The only people in the room were three folks at the bar and the barmaid. "We can find room for you," she said. They all laughed as we sat ourselves in our favorite booth.

Doug promptly appeared to take our drink orders and then moments later our food orders. My dining partner requested eggs and bacon with home fries and a biscuit, what I consider to be the typical American breakfast. The eggs, bacon, and fries were cooked to order. I probably should have included a photo of the Royal B.M. (aw, come on now), but "somebody" ate all the shrimp and slurped down part of the Mary before "somebody" could click the shutter.

I like seafood in the morning, as well as at noon, or early afternoon, or in the evening. There were two seafood omelets on the menu so I asked Doug which one he'd recommend. He said both were good, but the crab omelet wasn't always offered, so he suggested I go with it, and I did.

The filling was a mixture of blue crab, cream cheese, spiced with Old Bay. This crab heavy filling was folded into a perfectly cooked egg crepe. It was huge and delicious. I was definitely not disappointed with Doug's recommendation.

Three Bloody Marys, and two breakfast dishes later we waddled out the door after settling our $39.06 tab. We tacked on an additional $8 for great service.

¡Buen provecho! y'all.

Crabby Bill's Seafood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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