Friday, August 28, 2015

Portobello On Park

Breakfast, unless it is like the one I had in Singapore (similar to pho) years ago, is not my favorite meal of the day. My bride, the Belle of Gulf Boulevard, enjoys an American style breakfast. Since I don't cook stuff like that (I am the Chef de Cuisine here abouts), I asked the Belle to breakfast this morning at a diner I was interested in trying.

The Portobello Diner at 13023 Park Blvd N, Seminole has been around since 2005 and is known for its breakfast and lunch specialties with German and Greek influence. We wandered in today rather early in the morning ... around 9:30 I think (come on - we're retired). The counter was empty and there were only two other customers, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Portobello gets slammed earlier in the day and again around lunch time, so plan your visit accordingly.

Menus were presented and coffee served by a very sweet and professional young lady. Neither of us can remember her name. It is not that she is forgettable, but we are retired (did I mention that?) and we are rarely coherent that early in the day.

My bride had been mentally drooling with the thoughts of biscuits and gravy of late. I had read a reviewer's comment that this dish at Portobello "was to die for." Personally, that is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. To die for a food seems to be setting the bar a bit low, but I get the point and the taste I got of my bride's dish was superb.

Those two homemade biscuits were slathered with a savory sausage gravy that had my taste buds quivering with gastronomic ecstasy. Damn, but that was good eatin'. The two over-easy eggs were filled with a golden 'gravy' that just boosted the biscuits to the top of the culinary Mount Olympus. The grits were, well ... grits.

After tasting that biscuit gravy I kinda regretted not getting a plate of that goodness, but I was intrigued by the Greek Omelet stuffed with feta cheese, tomatoes, onion, and for a slight up-charge, the gyro meat.

With the first bite I realized that I too had made a wise decision. That was probably the best omelet I can remember since retirement. I did mention I am retired, didn't I? And, I got one of those delicious homemade biscuits. The only thing that could have enhanced that omelet would have been a cold glass of Greek retsina. Portobello doesn't serve alcohol, so that retsina fantasy was just that - a fantasy.

Our total bill came in under thirty dollars and we added more than 20% for our server.

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Portobello Diner

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