Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All Smiles At Smiley's

I was surfing the Googles this morning when I came across a photo of a most decadent looking sandwich taken by a patron of Smiley's Snack Shack on St. Pete Beach. It must be stated right up front that I am not an aficionado of sandwiches, but that gooey, buttery pile of melted cheese mixed with ground beef caressed by two thick slices of toasted bread brought my salivary glands to full drool.

There was no doubt in my mind that Smiley's would be entertaining my buds of taste at lunch today, so the Belle of the Boulevard and I strapped ourselves into our sonic rocket and blasted off to the south end of Gulf Boulevard.

Smiley's is located at 3700 Gulf, but it is not too easy to see from the boulevard. Look for 37th Street and turn right if you are coming from the north. A hard right again brings you in to the Smiley parking lot. The signs for 30 minute parking are not for patrons. Park where you please and step inside through the door to the right for the sit-down dining room. The door straight ahead takes you to the take-out order area.

We were greeted by the very charming Sadie who inquired as to our culinary desires. She also directed us to the sit down room and when we walked through the correct door we were again greeted by the still charming Sadie who commented that it was really nice to see us again. My bride and I requested a couple of brewskis to wet our parched whistles and then placed our food orders.

The Smiley's menu description of the Frisco Melt was seriously understated. This humongo sandwich had two perfectly cooked beef patties slathered with cheese, grilled onions, and 1000 Island Dressing. This was a buttery delight with a thousand degrees of flavor. Sadie said that I would be stuffed if I could finish that homage to the Earl. I did finish it and I was stuffed.

For her noonday repast, my bride chose the (again) understated Grilled Club. This club was a massive mound of ham, turkey, bacon, and cheese with lettuce, tomato, and mayo nestled between two thick slices of perfectly toasted bread. Half of this monster came home with us and will be her lunch tomorrow.

We also shared a basket of fried onion rings that were crispy, flavorful, and didn't fall apart when a bite was taken.

Smiley's has a small outdoor seating area that would be nice when cooler weather arrives. There is seating for the mommies and poppies along with entertainment for the kiddies. Smiley's appears to be very family friendly even though there were no families present during our visit.

In addition to sandwiches, wings, hot dogs, and wraps, breakfast is served from 7 to 11. The food we had was wonderful and the service was friendly and efficient. Did I mention that Sadie is charming?

Food and beer came to a very nice $33.71. I can definitely envision a return to Smiley's for another sandwich and beer.

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Smiley's Snack Shack

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