Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Steak House Of Note

On our road trips from the Gulf beaches to St. Pete and back we pass the Pasadena Steak House. Often we have mused whether this is a steak house of note or one that we should continue bypassing. Their web site and on-line menu looked interesting enough, so we decided to give them a try.

My bride and I entered this strangely familiar building at 1530 Pasadena Avenue South in South Pasadena yesterday a little after five and just ahead of the afternoon thunder-boomers. Montez, who would be our server, greeted us at the door and guided us to a booth in a strangely familiar dining room.

The Pasadena Steak House has a full bar and Montez informed us that we had arrived during happy hour. That made us happy, so we ordered a couple of cocktails. The Belle of Gulf Boulevard requested a whiskey sour that she called "good" with a lot of pucker power. I had the classic Old Fashioned. We wound up with four drinks on our table which reminds me why I don't like two for one drinks unless each person orders the same drink.

Like a true professional, I sucked down that first Old Fashioned before the second one became diluted with melted ice. The second drink was enjoyed at leisure.

The steak house is reminiscent of steak houses of old, the ones with character and charm, so with that thought in mind I just had to order the Shrimp Cocktail as my appetizer.

The presentation is just like I remembered from the old movies filmed in a supper club setting. The shrimp were perfectly prepared and the cocktail sauce was just as I imagined. This was an excellent start to our dining adventure. The Belle refrained from an appetizer, preferring to save herself for dessert at the end of the meal.

Sandy, a frequent guest at an adjacent table, volunteered to take our picture since she thought we looked like a happy couple enjoying our dinner. Many patrons of the steak house are regulars and everyone seems to know everyone else. We were accepted as regulars and that contributed to making this visit one that we are inclined to do again.

Our dinners included salads and we had a choice of Caesar, a romaine, or the house salad. My bride chose the house with fresh, crisp greens, onions, cukes, and garden ripened tomatoes. The ranch dressing was drizzled sparingly so the greens weren't swimming.

I chose the romaine with garden fresh tomatoes and an oil and vinegar dressing. This salad was deceptively simple, but so good I ate every last leaf. I rarely finish the salad course.

We both requested steak as our dinner entrees since we were at a steak house. The Belle chose the Black Angus Filet with the ingredients to fully load a baked potato, and a side of mixed vegetables.

The steak was prepared as requested, it was tender and juicy with great flavor. The mixed veggies were also a hit, cooked just al dente, and not reduced to a mushy mess.

I have been craving a steak lately, so that was an obvious choice for me. Normally though, my steak of choice is a rib eye, but on this visit I decided to step out of the proverbial box and go with the 13-ounce specially-aged flavorful Black Angus N.Y. Strip served with a side of sautéed mushrooms, steak fries, and mixed veg.

Just like the Belle's Filet, this strip was prepared as requested, had great flavor, and was tender and juicy.

As I mentioned earlier, my bride likes to save herself for dessert and to that end she chose the heavenly French Silk Pie. I'm not a dessert person, but with a taste of that pie I have to say it was one of the best end of meal treats I have ever had.

 In addition to the cocktails, appetizer, and entrees, we had a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany our steaks. Our total for the evening was a very pleasant $107.60. Of course, we added 20% for Montez.

The Pasadena Steak House sits where a pizza place burned down some 25 years ago. As the steak house rose from the ashes, the owner's wife decreed that the restaurant be built in the style and design of the once prevalent Steak and Ale restaurants. And, so it came to pass. That also explains why the place looked so familiar.

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  1. Shhhh, another hidden gem revealed. Sometimes old school dining beats the bells and whistle's of the newest joint on the scene. You and Belle do look like a very happy couple.