Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coffee And More At Indian Shores

Just down the road from our stately pleasure dome by the sea is a dandy spot to get your morning caffeine fix. The Belle and I stopped in to the Indian Shores Coffee Co. for the first time this morning and we had to wonder why we haven't done this before now.

The coffee company is a little hole-in-the-wall place nestled behind some shrubbery at 19221 Gulf Boulevard. It is easier to access around back than through the bushes in front, but once you are in just walk up to the counter and place your order.

We ordered a couple French Press coffees that were listed on the chalk board, and then two white chocolate muffins from the pastry display.

The Belle and I chose to enjoy our coffee and muffins outdoors in the front yard garden where we could get full benefit of a steamy Florida morning. Admittedly, it was cooler inside, but from our vantage point we were reminded of Old Town in Key West - one of our favorite places on this planet.

In addition to the Old Town ambiance, we got to commune with nature and a few of the local inhabitants. 

The Indian Shores Coffee Co. serves beer and wine, and features live music from time to time. For the Belle and I this is a perfect spot to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, muffin or croissant while relaxing and letting the day come to us.

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