Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Tasty Fountain Of Gastronomic Delights

Suddenly, it appears near to our stately pleasure dome by the Intracoastal way of water where Gulf, the asphalt ribbon, runs through condo canyons measureless by man. T'is from this chasm, with ceaseless tourists seething, as if this earth in plaid short pants were breathing, a tasty fountain of gastronomic delights was forced: Original Pizza and Restaurant (OPR), 19525 Gulf Boulevard on the Shores of Indian. (My heartfelt apologies to Coleridge for vandalizing his great poem, Kubla Khan)

OPR opened shortly after we moved to the beach and we have been steady customers ever since. I could say that is because OPR is convenient, especially when we are desperate for food due to laziness or failure to grocery shop. That would be a misstatement but with a grain of truth. OPR has some dandy dishes on their menu and some super friendly staff members.

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I can recommend, among other delights, the Beef Tacos, the hot Steak and Cheese sandwich on crusty house baked bread, the Burgers and Fries, and of course, the heavenly pizzas that makes those NYC pies in the Big A hang their heads in shame.

Having heard good things about OPR's Linguine with White Clam Sauce, I knew I had to have that dish last night. Fresh clams swimming in olive oil and garlic with perfectly prepared linguine had my taste buds in an orgasmic tizzy of culinary delight.

My bride's buds of taste drifted over to the Homemade Lasagna: meaty, cheesy (in a good way) with a savory marinara sauce. Said she, "... that ranks up there with one of the better lasagnas I have ever had." What wasn't consumed last night will be lunch for her today.

To accompany our entrees we shared a basket of fresh from the oven bread knots with a side tub of marinara. All OPR breads are baked fresh daily on the premises, and like the pizzas they are fresh and good.

All entrees come with a house salad and a choice of dressing. There was nothing particularly special about those salads beyond the fact that the greens were fresh and crispy.

The OPR dining room is bright and airy although a bit Spartan, and there is outdoor dining in front of the building. The OPR serves beer and wine. The prices are very reasonable. For several adult beverages and our dinner choices the bill came to a measly $31.54. We added a 20% + gratuity for efficient service.

Stop in for lunch or dinner ... you'll be glad you did.

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