Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Piglets On Parade In The Big Apple

New York City had been on my bride's bucket list since buckets were first listed, so to celebrate her month of May birthday we two piglets left the Big Guava for the Big Apple. To save thousands of words our trip is documented in pictures.

If you were a house guest for dinner and your hosts bring out their vacation slides and a their projector, this is where you beat a hasty retreat for the door. I will understand, but don't let it "hitcha where th' lord splitcha".

New York was a lot more hospitable than we were led to believe. They even went so far as to name a street in our honor with our name plastered all over the buildings and subway stops.

We stayed in the financial district but between walking, the subway and gawd-awful taxi rides (traffic, not drivers) we covered a good chunk of ground in a short period of time. Some of the sights are documented in the images that follow.

The High Line Park
We had to do the usual touristy stuff...

The Flat Iron on steroids.

Armed escort for the ferry.

Well, all right's playtime in the digital darkroom:

My favorite picture of the entire trip:

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