Friday, May 29, 2015

Dandy Dining At The St. George NYC

After a harrowing two hour cab ride from JFK to our Financial District hotel we were too pooped, too hungry and too P.O.ed to spend any effort trying to secure dinner reservations. We had pre-booked three of our four nights before leaving our stately pleasure dome on the beach at Indian Shores (Florida). We left the first night open in case what happened, happened.

We checked in to the Holiday Inn on Washington knowing that the hotel had a restaurant, but we are a little hesitant to patronize hotel restaurants. Instead, we decided to wander about the neighborhood in search of a food venue that might offer something other than the ubiquitous standards found in many hotels.

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I circled the block and to our great surprise we spied the St. George Tavern right next door to the hotel. My bride then pointed out that the St. George was the hotel's restaurant. Well, it did look enticing, so we went in and were greeted warmly and promptly seated.

Liz was our ever so delightful server who presented us with menus and took our order for a couple of medicinal adult beverages. My bride and I felt the trials and tribulations of travel being washed away as we looked over the menu that leaned towards Chinese-American dishes as well as some Italian and some simple American grub.

The Belle chose as her entree the Beef and Pan Fried Noodles. I was allowed a taste and the beef strips were fairly tender, the sauce was savory, and the pan fried noodles had a delightful crispy texture. I have made similar at home and this dish got my Piglet Parade seal of approval.

What grabbed the attention of my buds of taste was the Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab, a tasty and crispy gift from the sea that was perfectly prepared and served on a bed of mixed greens. This was listed as an appetizer, but with a few more bites of my bride's beef and noodles and another bottle or two of the Mermaid pilsner I was done.

While chatting with Liz we discovered that the St. George has a secret Chinese menu that we could have ordered from, which we tried to do on a subsequent visit. Some of the more exotic dishes that I simply craved were only available during exclusive dinner parties held "up stairs" by the owner. Oh, poop!

What we ate at the St. George was good, though not particularly memorable. The bill for several adult beverages and the food came to a very reasonable $39.78. We did tack on a 20% plus gratuity for Liz. In retrospect, the St. George was the least expensive and least pretentious dining spot we found in Manhattan.

We had breakfast all four mornings at the St. George compliments of the hotel. Service in the morning was a little iffy when Liz was off duty, while service at night was terrific.

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