Thursday, April 2, 2015

Save The World ... Eat An Octopus

In a world with ever increasing amounts of pollution entering our oceans, just imagine a mutant species of octopuses (octopi is incorrect) coming to life. This chilling scenario makes it imperative that we consume as many octopuses as possible, and one of the best places I have recently discovered is the Greektown Grille at 1230 Cleveland Street in Clearwater.

Why should we be a-feared you might ask? As it is in our world today, most octopuses live a mere three to five years. Most scientists believe that if these uber intelligent creatures had a life span similar to ours that they would become the dominant intelligence on Earth; possibly ruling the world, or at least getting something accomplished in Washington. But I digress.

Walking in to the Grille a bit past noon yesterday we were greeted with a decor that was accented with Santorini blues. A gentleman escorted us to a booth where the delightful Ashley presented us with menus and inquired of our desires for a beverage. "Why, yes," spaketh I, "A bottle of retsina, parakaló̱." Ashley obviously did not speak Greek since she gave me a funny look when I said please, but we got a chilled bottle of this delectable resin infused wine anyway.

Two of my most favorite Greek munchables were on the Greektown appetizer menu. I delighted in the Fresh Water Fried Smelts adorned with Greek spices. These smelts were served with a small ramekin of a delicious peperoncini aoli. Of course, I had to order the superb Char-grilled Octopus drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Both of these perfectly prepared dishes brought back fond memories of a trip to Greece a few years ago.

My bride was not inclined to save the world from the mutant octopus scourge and chose the less adventurous Gyro Platter piled to Mount Olympus heights with savory lamb and beef slices served on grilled pita with onions, tomatoes, a ramekin of tzatziki and a side of fresh hand cut fries. There was enough goodness there to take some home for a later snack.

In addition to my favorite Greek dishes, the Greektown Grille has all of the typical foods for which Greece is famous, not to fail mentioning a full bar in a cool and pleasant setting.

I am pleased as ouzo to say that the Greektown Grille is my new favorite Greek restaurant. Food was excellent, service was friendly and professional, and the prices were reasonable; all food and wine came to $56.70. We added a 20% gratuity for Ashley. Ef̱charistó̱!

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