Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweets For The Sweet On Gulf Boulevard

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I have been to Cafe de Paris Bakery, a world class French bakery, on several occasions and each time we have scored some of the tastiest treats this side of the Seine.

Our latest visit to this magnificent boulangerie / patisserie was this past Saturday morning, and as was the case on our other visits, the place was packed. We are looking forward to planting our derrieres at either an indoor or outdoor table one of these days, just as we did on our last trip to Paris, to enjoy the Cafe de Paris coffees and pastries.

Alas, we again were forced to order their decadent delights at the counter and cart our treasures back to our stately pleasure dome. Upon arriving at our palace overlooking the Intracoastal and the Gulf we brewed a pot of freshly ground coffee and whipped up a couple of mimosas. That brings to mind the only negative we could find with the Cafe. They don't serve alcohol which means no mimosas.  


We made do with a superb cheese and bacon quiche that was big enough for two to share.

In addition to the quiche, we brought home three delightful eclairs: a chocolate, a vanilla, and a mocha. We could not resist an encore with the creamy, fruity little tarts we devoured a week or so ago.

Sunday morning with my Baby, the paper, sweet treats, and robust coffee on our balcony was as close to heaven as I may ever get. I'm good with that.

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