Monday, March 16, 2015

Serious Good Eats At Siri's

"I wants me a haambuuuger ... nay, nay," spaketh my bride, "I gotsta have me a haambuuurger ... NOW!" The Belle really doesn't speak like that, but I got the point. It would be a hamburger for her or it would be an unpleasant day for me and anyone else crossing her path. It couldn't be just any burger for the Belle, it had to be a gourmet burger.

Knowing what is good for me, I immediately went to the Googles to see where Pinellas folks go for a gourmet burger. At first it looked as though I'd have to give her the bird, but the Robin chain didn't titillate my buds of taste. Suddenly, there on my computer screen I spied Siri's. No, not the beotch on the iPhone. I'm talking about Siri's Gourmet Burgers and Pizza on Beach Boulevard in Gulfport.

Pulling into a parking spot in front of a house on Beach Boulevard, we realized we had arrived at Siri's. It looked like someones house, and at one time it probably was. A little girl was playing on a tree-lined sidewalk as we entered Siri's, which added a homey touch to this quaint setting.

There is indoor and outdoor seating. The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I chose to sit indoors in the main dining area. There are booths and tables. We chose a booth looking toward the open kitchen.

Siri's isn't one of those pretentious beach dives catering to the out-of-towners in their fancy tourist disguises. This place is serious about their food offerings. Their hamburgers are hand made fresh to order. They grind their beef from a special blend of three premium cuts. They make their rolls for the burgers, hoagies, and cheese steaks fresh daily.

This isn't your fast food burger doodle. Siri's isn't a chain. It's a true family operation with husband Byron creating taste sensations in the kitchen, wife Ting tending the tables with help from daughter Siri. Baby Byron pretty much slept through our visit.

While Siri's has wings, salads, pasta dishes, subs and hoagies, and pizza, my bride and I came for the burgers - the Burger Special with drink and fries included for her. The meat was delicious, the buns fresh and the fries were hand cut and fried to perfection.

I was totally intrigued with the What'Cha Ma Call It Burger. I saw it on-line and knew I had to have this burger with double patties, an over-easy fried egg, anchovies, cheese and topped off with a bleu cheese dressing.

Holy moly and great balls of fire, that burger wasn't just good, it was spectacular. The prime beef was prepared a perfect medium rare. When I pressed the top bun on the egg the creamy yolk drizzled over the two anchovies creating a delightful gravy for the beef patties. The anchovies added the just the right amount of salty goodness to enhance this whole bulls-eye-hittin' shootin' match. This was a six napkin burger.

A couple beers, the fries and burgers ran to a measly $25.11. We've had a lot less for a lot more across the bay. These Siri folks are serious about good eating.

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  1. Can't wait to try Siri's. The very idea of anchovy and egg with a delicious burger have me all a quiver. I'll have to see if the daughter will be my date.