Sunday, March 1, 2015

Aqua Prime: So Good We Did It Again

Yesterday my bride, the Belle of Gulf Boulevard, had a hankering, and I mean a raging hankering for a slab of beef. She was thinking of Longhorn's beef, so we saddled up our trusty steed and galloped off in search of a steak. After a long frustrating journey compounded by a hosed up Google map we finally found a steakhouse ... with a one hour wait. The Belle was too hungry to wait that long so we headed off to another nearby steakhouse and another hour or more wait. My beautiful bride was now starting to get a serious grump on.

Since plans A and B didn't work out, I switched to plan C and we headed back toward Gulf Boulevard. I thought that Spoto's might be a good alternative since we have dined there before and really enjoyed the experience. Holy crap, a 30 or more minute wait! "What the hell's a girl gotta do to get some food around here?" growled my dainty darling. Thinking fast, before she resorted to violence, I suggested we head on over to Indian Rocks and give Aqua Prime a shot.

We had dined at Aqua right after we first moved to the beach and we very much enjoyed the experience. As we pulled up it appeared the parking lot was pretty full but I asked the valet parking attendant if the place was slammed. He said not yet, so we quickly hit the door. Valet parking is free, but a $5 gratuity is a much appreciate touch when you retrieve your vehicle.

The hostess greeted us and even though we didn't have reservations she immediately escorted us to a two-top in the main dining room. Our charming server for the evening, the delightful Amanda, presented us with menus and took our much needed drink orders; a medicinal Sunset Mojito for the Belle and a Reel Runner (like a rum runner) for moi. Both drinks were super yummy and quieted the raging beast within.

Along with our beverages, Amanda brought a tasty bowl of hummus with pita triangles to tide us over until our appetizer appeared. To assuage her hunger for beef we decided to split a serving of Beef Carpaccio. The thinly sliced tenderloin was adorned with shaved cheese, arugula, and capers, then a basil oil with spiced onions completed the dish.

Next up were the house salads; a colorful seasonal vegetable salad with Ranch on the side for her, and the House Caesar with anchovies for me. I had asked Amanda if I could get anchovies for my salad and she replied that I could get as many of those little fishies as my heart desired.

For our main dishes, both the Belle of the Boulevard and I chose the Filet Mignon, a 5 ounce for her and an 8 ounce for me. Both steaks were cooked exactly as requested and were tender and juicy. Just what my bride was craving or rather had a hankering for. With the steaks came a seasonal vegetable and a choice of potatoes, roasted or mashed.

Since the women folk are blessed with two stomachs (scientific fact), a stomach for regular stuff and a special dessert stomach, my bride chose the Coconut Cake with cream cheese frosting to round out her dining adventure at Aqua Prime.

After several adult beverages, a bottle of superb Ancient Vines Zinfandel, and all of that food our bill came to a very pleasant $147.13. Amanda was definitely deserving of a 20% plus gratuity.

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