Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Beachside Grille

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I have been looking forward to trying the bill of fare at the Beachside Grille. The Grille is a little hard to find, but find it we did last night. A lot more obvious is the Friendly Tavern almost directly across Gulf Boulevard. We've never been to the Tavern, but it makes a great landmark for locating the Grille ... and, you are welcome.

We wandered in around 5:30 to an empty restaurant. Rick greeted us at the door and invited us to sit where we wished. The dinner crowds didn't start packing the place until after six. My bride and I decided on a Bud and a draft to compliment our food choices. Wine is also served by the glass and bottle.

To start our culinary adventure the Belle and I chose to split an appetizer of roasted goat cheese topped with deliriously delicious caramelized shallots. The accompanying toasts topped with the cheese and shallots, then a sprinkle of shredded lettuce was probably the highlight of our meal at the Grille.

Next came the included house salad. Those salads were notable for their super fresh and crisp greens topped with Gorgonzola and a creamy dressing. My choice was Green Goddess while my bride chose a Ranch dressing.

For her main course the Belle chose the coconut encrusted baked Mahi Mahi with a side of black beans and rice. She was less than thrilled with her food choices. The fish was dry and had little flavor and the same was said about the black beans ... again, no flavor and maybe a smidge under done.

My choice for dinner was the turf and surf special, roasted rib eye with a superb balsamic reduction topped with three bacon wrapped shrimp. The reduction was a perfect combination of slightly sweet and acidic with a syrupy texture. The shrimp were not over or under done and were enhanced by the crispy bacon wraps. Balsamic and bacon was a perfect match.

This wasn't the most spectacular dining experience we have had at the beach, but the service was good, as were the prices, and we didn't leave hungry.

Dinner with several adult beverages came to just $63.63 and we tacked on an additional 20% as a gratuity.

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