Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Get Crabby At Bill's

Ever since taking up permanent residence on the beach last December we have frequented the IRB Crabby Bill's probably once a week. We were reminded of some of our favorite beach bars around the state, so we had to give Bill's a try and we discovered the only thing crabby at Bill's are the crabs

On each visit we were greeted by friendly wait staff who provided prompt and efficient service. We really like the open air feel of the place, and although there is outdoor seating we have decided to hold off on al fresco dining until the weather warms up ... maybe in May. Come on, get real! We are Floridians and anything below 70 degrees F is sweater weather.

My bride and I have enjoyed live music at Bill's on several occasions. One thing that has struck us as quaint and charming is a small cluster of senior citizens are allowed to bring folding chairs indoors during inclement weather to enjoy the music with front row seats. It's nice to see 20-somethings and 80-somethings jamming together at a laid back beach bar. Beats the hell out of the Duval and Bourbon Street pukesters.

Crabby Bill's serves more than just bar food, though that is what we generally order. The hamburgers are tasty and prepared our way, and the Royal Red Shrimp prepared several ways have been superb. The Royal Red's are probably the best shrimp ever. C.B.'s extra crispy French fries are some of the best on the beach.

Frog legs with a side of southern style green beans
I've had the Fried Frog Legs several times and they are truly wondermous. A lady stopped us on the way out the door today to ask about the food. My bride said her chicken tenders were real good, and that I really seemed to enjoy my frog legs. "Frog legs!" the lady squealed. I thought she was going to pass out at the mere mention of those tasty swamp critters. I don't know if those folks stayed or not, but if they left then they missed out on some good grub.

The Belle of Gulf Boulevard and tasty chicken tenders with fries
I'm glad we didn't mention another of my Crabby Bill's favorites, the Char-grilled Octopus. This is a light lunch time delight served over a bed of mixed greens ... kinda like a grilled chicken salad, but with tentacles.

Crabby Bill's is definitely not haute cuisine, but it is a damn fine beach hangout with decent food, cold beer, and live music.

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The Piglet Parade dines anonymously and we pay full price for all that we consume. We ain't no food ho's.

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