Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Gastronomic Winner On Gulf Boulevard

After our yearly physicals, Doctor Kathie delivered her State of Our Bodies address yesterday. She said we aren't likely to drop dead anytime soon but we should up our intake of Omega 3 fatty acids and make sure we include a lot of fruit and fruit drinks in our diet. That is what my bride said Dr. Kathie said anyway. What I heard was, "... get thee hence to the Seabreeze Island Grill for some seafood and a few Rum Runners."

Not wishing to be non-compliant patients, the Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I took the good doctor's advice and entered the Seabreeze a little after the lunch time crowd had vanished. We were greeted immediately and invited to sit pretty much wherever we pleased. We chose a comfy booth and our server Diana presented us with menus and took our orders for medicinal Runners of Rum.

Those beverages were so good and so good for us what with all that fresh fruit, and as most everyone knows, not too many critters can survive in alcohol. I'm not a scientist (or a politician) but I do know that for a fact. Drop a worm in a glass of alcohol and just see how long it wiggles.

Once we got all those nasties floating around in our guts taken care of, my bride and I decided to address the Omega 3 issue. For her it just had to be the Hog Fish Sandwich. Ever since she first tried it, hog fish has become her all-time favorite seafood delight. That hog fish was panko crusted, fried to perfection, and topped with Swiss cheese and grilled onions, then piled on warm Cuban bread. Just what the doctor ordered. The fries were requested extra crispy and they were ... extra crispy and very good.

I was torn between the Royal Red shrimp and the mussels. Diana said the mussels were her favorites, so if they are good enough for her, then they are good enough for me. The Island Style Black Mussels were prepared with tomato, black olives, garlic, basil, and olive oil providing a nice, rich sauce that I sopped up with the accompanying slice of Cuban toast.

 Did I like the mussels? What's it look like?

After several Rum Runners, the hog fish, and the mussels our total came to a very pleasant $41.71. We tacked on an additional 20% for exceptional service.

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