Saturday, February 7, 2015

All You Care To Eat Grouper? Hell To The Yes!

As a general rule the Belle of Gulf Boulevard and I don't seek out hotel restaurants, but Jimmy Guana's Waterfront Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Harborside, 401 2nd Street at Indian Rocks, reeled me in with their All You Care To Eat Grouper special for a mere $14.95. Apparently this is a regular Friday event, and since yesterday was Friday we went.

My bride and I wandered in to Jimmy's around six and were invited to sit wherever we pleased. We chose a booth in this Key West inspired restaurant and Dakota, our gregarious server, presented us with menus. Since we are still on a serious health kick we decided to up our vitamin C intake with a couple of nutritious Rum Runners.

While we were imbibing, Dakota brought a basket of really tasty coconut bread squares. These breads looked kinda like corn bread but had a much lighter texture with a pleasant sweetness. What my bride didn't consume on the spot were brought home for breakfast this morning.

Included with her entree, the Belle was presented with a fresh and crisp house salad. It was pretty much standard issue but it was enhanced with Mandarin orange slices.

This was a fishy night for both of us and my gorgeous dining partner was truly pleased with her choice of the Grouper Marquesa with a side of veggies and a loaded baked potato. This grouper fillet was dipped in egg with Parmesan cheese and garlic, then topped with crab and baked to perfection. Said she, "The fish was moist and delicious, the Alfredo sauce was very good, but the crab had a bit of a strong taste."

There were several items on the menu that piqued my buds of taste, but I was still more intrigued by the All you Care To Eat Grouper for $14.95 that can be prepared any one of four ways: grilled, blackened, fried, or jerked. For my first go-round I had my grouper jerked. The grouper was cooked to perfection and the jerk rub was one of the best I have had away from Jamaica.

For round two I requested the grouper fried. It too was perfectly cooked, but I still think the jerk was the better of the two. I never got to the grilled or blackened. The portion size was very generous. I was also impressed that there was no hesitation in offering additional plates of grouper. I was very pleased with the all you can eat grouper night, and I certainly have no complaints about the price.

Our total for the evening came to $89.96 and probably would have been somewhat less had we not requested refills on our health drinks. We added a deserved 20% for Dakota.

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