Friday, December 26, 2014

The Pearl On Treasure Island

Christmas Eve 2014 found us with family and friends at The Pearl Restaurant, 163 107th Avenue, Treasure Island, celebrating the traditions of Saturnalia and Yule with great food and drink. The celebrants of old would have been beside themselves with glee at the bevy of gustatory delights presented to our table along with the beverages of Bacchus.

The seven of us ordered a host of various dishes from the Pearl's holiday menu, and nary a discouraging word was heard from any in our group and the skies were not cloudy all day. My train may have jumped the tracks there for a moment, but the foods and service were commendable.

Duck and Country Pate Platter
Lobster Bisque
Escargot Provencal
Roast Duck Au Poivre
Rack of Lamb with Honey Rosemary Sauce
Veal Tournados
Lamb Tangine
Beef Short Ribs in a Cabernet Sauce
Missing from this photo gallery of delightful foods are two Filet Mignons, but imagine two tender juicy steaks and you will be good to go.

Finally ...

Several dessert photos also went AWOL save for this one
The dishes served were representative of those found on the regular menu, and we seven little piglets waddled out of the Pearl with full tummies and happy hearts. 

For the Belle and me, dinner came to a very reasonable $128 and we tacked on an additional 20% for good service. I do not know if there was a mandatory gratuity added for a large party. If so, then we over tipped, but what the hell! Isn't this the season of giving and good will towards hard working, usually, underpaid service workers?

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  1. An outstanding time was had by all. Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve with us!

    1. And the same right back to you. Thanks to you and the Dawg for sharing your Christmas Eve with us.