Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Neighborhood Beach Pub And Grill

We are in the final stages of moving into our palace on the beach. This arduous endeavor has allowed no time for grocery shopping or food preparation so we have had to make do on the local economy.

Thankfully for us Mickey Quinns Beach Pub and Grill is just up the road from us at 19703 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores. We have availed ourselves of their medicinal (for us) beer and grub on several occasions, and each time the food, beer, and especially the friendly service, have ensured a return trip for us.

I would have included photos of the pub's grub except the camera was hiding from me during our initial visits. If you want to see what their delicious delights look like I suggest a visit to Quinns and order up a bunch of goodies. We can heartily recommend the Fish and Chips, hand cut Atlantic cod, dipped in pub beer batter, and fried to a golden brown. This dish is served with pub or string fries. I had the pub fries and they were terrific.

We have also enjoyed the Captain Tuna, thinly sliced sesame crusted tuna served with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. The Patty Melt was one of the best my bride said she could remember. This was a juicy half pound burger covered with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese, and served on pressed marble rye bread.

At Mickey Quinns, the beer is cold, the food good and filling, and the people are friendly. There is a game room and a full bar. It is three blocks away. I didn't have to cook. What's not to like about Mickey Quinns?

The Belle of the Boulevard and I went to Mickey Q's again last night and we discovered what is not to like about the place. Since alcohol sales is greater than food sales, then by law, smoking is allowed. On our first two visits no one was smoking. Last night the air was thick with smoke.

We are non-smokers so this was a real turnoff for us. What a shame!

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