Thursday, November 20, 2014

SOG City Foodie Tip Of The Day

Just saw this tip on the Ellen show. A famous Spanish chef said never peel garlic cloves again. José Andrés said just put them in a container (I used a martini shaker) and shake the bejeezues out of them for a few seconds. I did it and out popped two perfectly peeled garlic cloves divested of their skins.

Why, for all things roly and poly, have I never seen that on the Rachael Ray or Giada shows? Why didn't Bourdain or Laura Calder ever share that miraculous tip?

Well, you read it here, and you are welcome.

The house has almost been completely purged of thirty years of stuff. Next comes packing shit we want to keep. I can almost smell the salt air blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico to our new home at Indian Shores. Sunny beaches!

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