Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cheer A Republican Victory

Could it be that the Party of No being in control of the House and Senate is a good thing? For six years these do-nothing bozos have been taking pot-shots at the President with the goal of thwarting Obama's every effort to get anything accomplished in Washington.

After last night's trouncing of the limp-dick Democrats the Republicans have The Power. It will be interesting to see what they do with it, if anything. It would seem that they now have to do something. They are in control. Who might they blame moving forward if nothing gets done in Washington? Let me reiterate: they have The Power.

We will see what positive results they get in the next two years of governing. And for the Democratic Party; you have two years to get your shit together, and grow a set.


  1. Right on both counts, Jon. The Republicans are actually incapable of governing. They don't believe in government. Their only purpose is to shovel more cash at the wealthy, who fund their elections. As for the Democrats, it was pathetic to see them running away from the president and not forcefully articulating positions that could have captured the majority. I was also disheartened to see Scott re-elected in your state. On what basis is he seen as fit to govern?

    1. Hi Jeff, it's always a pleasure to 'hear' from you.

      As to the governor's race in Florida, the point is that Scott isn't fit to govern, and he hasn't bothered in the last almost four years. Scott is a chief executive orifice whose job it is to run the state...into the ground, as he did with Columbia/HCA in the Medicare and Medicaid fraud debacle.

      For the second time Scott bought the state, largely with his own millions. Assuming that Scott is an astute business person, albeit crooked, it has to be assumed that he expects to recoup his the expense of those middle to lower economic class citizens who are too dense to understand what he is doing to them and our state.