Saturday, October 18, 2014

Skip On Over To Skipper's

My bride and I found our hungry selves about 50 miles outside of Savannah a little after noon last week while on a trip to Charleston. Maybe it was severe hunger that compelled me to leave I-95 and exit to a little Georgia town called Darien. Maybe it was the name that drew me since we have a Skipper's in Tampa, but Skipper's Fish Camp at 85 Scriven Street hooked me and reeled me in.

Skipper's has an interesting history. The floor covering is made of hand-cut bricks recovered from a demolished Middle Georgia structure that had been built in the1940s. The bar and table tops were fashioned from timbers that had been floated down the Altamaha River from the interior of the state during Darien's halcyon timber days of the 1800s.

Skipper's serves fresh Georgia seafood including oysters and shrimp dishes, plus steaks, chops, and ribs. We had reservations for dinner that night in Charleston, so we didn't consume all of the Skipper's delights that were tempting us. I saw an appetizer that really intrigued me, the Collards and Q. When I asked our charming server, Maggie, if this dish could do double duty as a lunch-time entree, she said she would take good care of me. And, she did!

Maggie said she asked the chef to add a bit more BBQ-ed shredded pork to the collards. He did and I was stuffed with this fantastic dish. I can't wait to try replicating the Collards and Q at home until I can make it back to Darien.

My bride was in porky swoon mode with her Loaded Pig, a baked tater that was loaded with savory Southern chopped BBQ. This dish was accompanied with hush puppies and a side of creamy cheese grits.

Our visit to Skipper's and Darien was short, but grand. We can envision another trip to Georgia just to explore Darien and dine again at Skipper's. The total bill for food and a couple of adult beverages came to a pleasing $26.99. We rounded up to $30 and left a 20% gratuity for Maggie.

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