Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jimmy Mac's Is Still Open For Business

Editor's Update 1/1/2016: We just found out yesterday that Mr. James Louis McNorrill passed away April 15, 2015. Mr. McNorrill was the "Jimmy" in Jimmy Mac's.  I changed the title of this review but kept the remainder as written in Jimmy Mac's memory. This was belated, but still sad news.

Many folks in and around the Tampa Bay area and beyond probably still have fond memories of a Jimmy Mac's restaurant in Hyde Park, or on Gandy near the Imperial Yacht Basin. My bride and I never went to the one in Hyde Park. We preferred the one on Gandy since it was closer to us.

I don't know what happened to the Hyde Park location, but the one near the bay shut down when a developer bought up all the land and wiped out everything. He then went broke and the land still sits yacht basin and no Jimmy Mac's.

We had heard that Jimmy and Betty moved up to North Carolina some ten years ago and opened up a new Jimmy Mac's. Well, since my bride and I were in the area last week we decided to stop in Bryson City and check out the latest incarnation of Jimmy Mac's.

Jimmy Mac's is located on Main Street right near the corner of a street named after me.

Those Bryson folks are so thoughty.

Anyhoo, just down the way from my street, there we found Jimmy Mac's. Not only that, but right there out front we found Jimmy Mac.

Not only did Jimmy remember us from years ago, but his wife Betty came out and gave us both a warm North Carolina greeting.

Now, if our favorite server, Donna, had been there, this would have been a perfect reunion.

The Belle of Ballast Point and I have always loved Jimmy Mac's burgers, so we had to indulge.

For her, a J.M. beef cheeseburger with fries:

And for me, an elk burger with fries. That elk was tasty and delicious with a subtly stronger taste than beef:

If you enjoyed Jimmy Mac's in Tampa, you will enjoy Jimmy Mac's in Bryson City. They get a lot of folks from Tampa stopping by and they are happy to see us.

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The Oracle dines anonymously and we pay full price for all that we consume...even at Jimmy Mac's.

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