Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aw, Shucks

Before departing Tampa for our trip up country, I did some Googlin' to find some outstanding oyster venues in Charleston. One that was recommended was A.W. Shucks at 35 South Market Street. We wandered in to a mostly empty restaurant around 7:30 Friday evening and were promptly shown to a booth.

Our server soon appeared with menus and with a rather glum expression she took our drink orders, a Palmetto pint for me and a Miller Lite for my bride.

Since Shucks promotes themselves as an oyster bar I knew I had to get a dozen raw on the half shell.

These James River oysters were shucked pretty well, but they had very little flavor. I couldn't decide if they had been washed off (a real no-no in my opinion) or if they were just bland. They also had not been cut loose from the bottom shell, an annoying practice I discovered was common while at other oyster bars in Charleston.

While I slurped the oysters, my bride nibbled on her chicken tenders. I didn't include a photo because if you've seen one tender, you've pretty much seen them all.

I was still trying to get into a Charleston oyster frame of mind, so after the dozen raw I decided to try a bucket of the steamed Local Clusters.

This cluster bucket was filled with u-shuckum oysters. They were pretty good dipped in the little tub of perfectly clarified butter. Oh yeah, that's a little chicken tender there in the background.

To round out her meal, the Belle of Ballast Point requested the bread pudding. She said it was good, I just stayed with a beer for my dessert.

Food and beverages came to $80.06. We did add 20% for our server who, as I recall, never cracked a smile during our entire visit.

I'm kinda thinking that Shucks is more for the tourist crowd. We weren't very impressed.

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  1. Well shucks, that doesn't sound like a stellar evening. Hoping you and the BoBP have much better meals ahead.

    1. Thanks, Tina, the good ones are coming up. We had three in Asheville and one in Atlanta.