Monday, September 8, 2014

Gitcher Mullet On At Ted's

Lydia (no, the other one) asked if we had ever been to Ted Peter's Famous Smoked Fish on Pasadena Avenue in St. Petersburg before. My bride, the Belle of Ballast Point, said no, but I responded that I had been to Ted's some forty years ago. Lydia (yes, that one) admonished me with, "I bet you're kicking yourself for waiting so long to come back." Unfortunately, I didn't have a snappy retort, but we got waited on anyway.

There is not much I can say about Ted's that hasn't already been said many times over the past 50 plus years. It used to be only the mullet was smoked and served at Ted's but over the years mackerel, mahi, and salmon have been introduced to the smoke house. Ted's also has chowders and sandwiches on the menu, but for me the only reason to go to Ted's is for the heavenly smoked mullet.So, my bride and I hitched up our nag to the old blue buggy and boogied over to St. Pete for lunch today.

In addition to the mullet, we had a couple of Miller's on draft along with sides of coleslaw and what is called German potato salad. While everything was good, that tater salad definitely didn't come from the fatherland. My Grandmother was a Deutschland hausfrau who was a whiz in the kitchen, so I know where of I sprechen.

The beer was cold, the service friendly and efficient, and the mullet was still out-of-this-world good. Lunch today at Ted's was worth the drive over to St. Pete and the $38 spent on food and drink. We also tacked on an additional $8 for our server, Lydia.

Oh, yeah, bring cash. They don't accept credit cards or checks. There is also a four beer limit per person to prevent rudeness from obnoxious tourists. Nobody from Tampa Bay would get drunk and disorderly at a family restaurant, now would they? Naw!

'twernt us, it musta been them others!
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  1. I can't believe I've never been there! Another good review, Jon. :)

    1. After a forty year smoked mullet gap, I don't think I have much room to snidely remark. Thanks for the gushing praise. See youse guys Saturday.

    2. Oh, I love Ted Peters. Great review as always, kind sir. My momma taught me to take down a smoked mullet some 45 years ago. I know Sweet Polly likes her smoked fish spread. We always buy a quart to go from Ted's for Thanksgiving snacking while cooking the big meal. It is a tradition.

      I do believe I saw that 'Fetishes' was closed and being remodeled on a drive down the boulevard. Sniffle. Bruce Caplan was the consummate host and his dining establishment was lovely.

    3. Dear notyourmomma,

      Sweet Polly and I have talked about doing a blogger convergence with you. Both of us would really like to meet you, but we don't know how to contact you. We are blocked on the 'spoon message.

      I think the three of us together with our support team would be spectacular.