Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If You Don't Vote, Sit Down And Shut Up

And, for the incessant Republican robocallers: We voted for Charlie Crist. Florida has suffered enough at the hands of the Chief Executive Orifice Prick Scott. After Scott and his minions threw their support to Nan Rich, she was no longer a viable candidate. A vote for Rich would be the same as a vote for Scott.


  1. "If you don't vote, sit down and shut up!" From your lips to God's ears, Jon. It's why I have spent a part of almost every month since last November registering new voters--and updating the certificates of older ones--in MLK Parades, public libraries, community parks, Latino and Asian grocery stores and junior college campuses.

    The "updating" I mentioned is very necessary because I live in a state that has recently passed Voter ID laws that serve to restrict, or severely limit, the voting rights of the newly married [young], newly moved [younger], newly college-educated [young and younger] and any other demographic groups that might reasonably be expected to vote for the opponents of the current administration.

    Many of us here believe Texas is not so much a Red State as it a Non-Voting State--and one that put its current "Governor Oops" into office with less than one-fourth of its registered voters. Now that's just giving it away! And we just have to change that!

    1. First off Bill - hello and how are you? I have missed "hearing" from you my friend.

      It would appear that Florida and Texas have a lot in common. You have your Rick and we have ours. Yours has hair and ours looks like a prick with ears, and both seem to be equally useless. Florida is competing with Texas as a Non-Voting State. Turnout for Tuesday's primary was very disappointing, sitting at just over 17%.

      Our state is in shambles and no one seems to care enough to do anything except complain. Scott and the corrupt legislature make Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall appear as angelic as the Vienna Boy's Choir. These Tallahassee clowns are giving Floridians the Grand BOHICA, and too many in the state are more than happy to bend over no matter how painful the consequences.

      So sad, but again it was great hearing from you.